A short essay in English 5

Give it a shot

I will make you sorry

You have the hots for her.

Talk nothing but hot air

What’s got you so hot and bothered.

How about some red hot peanuts?

Hot dog!

He doesn’t have the balls to do it.

It’s you call today.

Close the door when you leave.

money talks

Thanks for the pep talk.

We will talk him into it.

talk sb out of

So much for small talk

You mistook me for someone else

fix the time we meet

let me get that fixed right away

who is in charge of here , I want to see him.

I am fed up with all those nonsense.

I’m fed up with your bad service.

I will be your new manager starting today.

care to explain?

care to hold the door?

care to dance?

my apologies

you have my deepest apologies

I hope I can make it up

I don’t believe you , you made it up.

I regret to you that you are fired.

I regret telling her the truth.

on the house

It’s too late to regret